The end of yet another semester.


I managed to get through this semester relatively unscathed.

Pissed off my very conservative bioethics teacher by pointing out that she, no matter how little she wanted to admit it, was in fact pro-choice. I have no beef with this, but apparently she does. Pulled a high A is histology, and actually kinda liked it, don’t tell anybody. Managed to not strangle certain teachers, and figured out analytical chemistry (not with a grade I am happy with, but I will live)

Now I get a few weeks off, to relax and all….. or not. I get to have a laporoscopy to remove some adhesions from my uterus. Fun. I seriously don’t like being the patient.

So I know your out there and you read this blog…… I have stats, but still you dont comment! why not? I still don’t know what Ill be doing next year, I have an opportunity to teach, to tutor full time, to go to a junior college, or attempt to find a job in some lab or office? I need input people!

2 Responses to “The end of yet another semester.”

  1. 1 Hvnlyrn

    Since you’ve asked advice of complete strangers, I’ll be happy to comply! You’re trying to make yourself as competitive as possible for a med school app, right? I think teaching would be an amazing addition to your resume. I think it would set you apart from your peers.

    • 2 drwannabe

      Thanks, I have advice from people that are always around me, so it’s nice to have some unbiased advice.

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